The Most Awarded

With each year that passes, LLORENTE & CUENCA accumulates more talent, innovation and specialization, alongside national and international awards. The company has received 247 awards throughout its existence.

In 2016, LLORENTE & CUENCA’s work was recognized with 77 awards, 60 of which were international. The following projects received awards:

As a business, LLORENTE & CUENCA has received awards for Company of the Year: Advertising, Marketing and Communications; Communications Agency of the Year in Europe; the Company with the Fastest Growth of the Year in Europe; and the Most Innovative Company of the Year in Mexico, Central America and South America (The International Business Award 2016).

It has also received recognitions for its UNO Magazine website (along with five of the firm’s other sites), its “Twitter Week” digital initiative and the work carried out by the Peru office for the temporary joint venture. In addition, Developing Ideas and our Brand Film “Comunicar-Conversar. La reputación en la sociedad de hoy” (Communicate-Discuss. Reputation in Today’s Society) have once again received awards this year.