Talent, Organization, and Innovation

Due to LLORENTE & CUENCA’s new international reach and commitment to innovation and talent, the company was forced to reorganize. This resulted in the creation is the General Talent, Organization and Innovation Management Unit.

The General Talent, Organization and Innovation Management Unit was established in February 2017 under the leadership of partner Adolfo Corujo, who had been the Managing Director for Europe (Spain and Portugal) up until then, reporting to the president and CEO and the Global Steering Committee.

Adolfo Corujo is now responsible for combining the human resources (HR policies, talent recruitment and hiring, executive development and professional careers), organization and innovation duties.

This key position is aligned with the firm’s geographic development and size, placing people at the center of its strategy since talent is the main ingredient for maintaining the company’s fast-paced development of new specializations and solutions.

Goyo Panadero has replaced Adolfo Corujo as the new Co-Managing Director for Europe, alongside Arturo Pinedo, who will also join the Global Steering Committee.