Social Change through Communication

This past June, LLORENTE & CUENCA announced the launch of the LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation in an effort to improve society by offering the firm’s communications knowledge and experience to aid worthy causes.

The Foundation’s creation was only a matter of time. Since 1995, LLORENTE & CUENCA has been carrying out social responsibility activities to create value for social change through the company’s expertise, showing its unwavering commitment to the markets in which it operates.

Over the years, LLORENTE & CUENCA has supported initiatives led by entities such as the Éxit Foundation, Euroamérica Foundation, U.N. Global Compact, Ronald McDonald House, Mexico United against Crime, EnseñaPerú and Portuguese Paralympic Committee, among others.

The LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation has brought all of these actions together with the work carried out to date by the Dreamtellers Foundation (created by Impossible Tellers, acquired by LL&C in 2015), which joined the Foundation to expand its reach and spirit of solidarity without sacrificing its essence.

The Foundation has two strategic lines of work: the Dreamtellers program and the Communicationmakers program.

The Dreamtellers program aims to act as the spokesperson for charitable initiatives through the stories told by their main actors. This program continues the former Dreamtellers Foundation’s line of work.

Meanwhile, Communicationmakers supports and promotes communications consultancy solidarity initiatives and collaborations with institutions, NGOs, foundations, etc. to achieve a positive social impact.

Since its creation, the LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation has launched a number of projects, including the partnership with the Roca brothers (Celler de Can Roca) to promote the Roca Brothers Foundation project, the collaboration with the Soñar Despierto Foundation and the Lo Que De Verdad Importa Foundation, a collaboration with the Alaine Foundation through “El Club de los 300” and the donation of IT materials to the Northern Madrid Cultural Association for Youth, among other initiatives.

So it can continue growing, the LLORENTE & CUENCA Group supports the Foundation’s activities, with an annual minimum contribution equivalent to 0.7 percent of its revenue, combined with the individual and voluntary contributions of its employees and partners.

What makes the Foundation truly special is that its voluntary participation is open to the firm’s nearly 500 employees, who can in turn use their knowledge to support social projects. This turns LLORENTE & CUENCA’s commitment to generating long-term social value in a sustainable manner into a comprehensive initiative backed by the entire company, while helping it expand its international reach in the countries where it operates.

The LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation’s board of trustees is presided over by Jose Antonio Llorente (Founding Partner, CEO of the firm), who represents all the partners, with Goyo Panadero (Partner and Managing Director for Spain and Portugal) as vice president and Alejandro Romero (Partner and CEO of Latin America), Luisa García (Partner and CEO of the Andean Region), Enrique González (Partner and CFO) and Ana Folgueira (Managing Director of Impossible Tellers) as its members.