Shared Knowledge

During its five-year history, LLORENTE & CUENCA has successfully consolidated Developing Ideas, its Thought Leadership Unit. Although it operates independently from the firm, the unit’s aim is to identify, focus and convey the profession’s new paradigms from an independent perspective and generate knowledge in the countries where the consulting firm operates, with a special focus on Latin America.

The success of Developing Ideas can be summarized as follows:

  • Each year, it produces an average of 70 intelligence publications, distributed for free to more than 30,000 contacts under the “Sharing is Power” principle. Many of these publications are written in conjunction with business schools, leading political and corporate institutions and professionals from a variety of industries.

  • Developing Ideas also publishes UNO, its flagship creation. In this monograph magazine, guest authors from Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as the firm’s partners and executives, cover an array of important matters from a global perspective, targeting senior management teams and decision makers at corporations. A total of 26 UNO issues have been published.

  • The Thought Leadership Unit also publishes regional reports on Latin America as part of its commitment to understanding the diversity of the Latin American region and delving deeper into it.
  • In addition, Developing Ideas distributes a monthly digital newsletter that combines all the reports, articles and studies that have been published. A specific newsletter is created annually to list the top 15 publications with the most hits throughout the year.

At the end of the year, the unit publishes a book that compiles the best contributions from the 12 previous months. Five books have been published to date: Integridad y Reputación (Integrity and Reputation, 2016), Reputación y Resultados (Reputation and Results, 2015), Reputación y Ciudadanía (Reputation and Citizens, 2014), Reputación y Liderazgo (Reputation and Leadership, 2013) and Innovación y Reputación (Innovation and Reputation, 2012). The next book, titled Reputación y Valor Añadido (Reputation and Added Value), will address the importance of generating added value for clients and how this affects company reputations.

  • Since 2015, Developing Ideas has moved toward audiovisual alternatives by publishing videos in which authors discuss matters related to their publications. Developing Ideas content is translated into Spanish, English, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • They are backed by top international industry media outlets, including Forbes Mexico, Infolatam, El Economista América, APD, Cinco Días, Notimérica and The Holmes Report.
  • Developing Ideas content is also distributed through LLORENTE & CUENCA’s social media network. It has 7,423 Facebook “Likes”, 20,800 Twitter followers and 42,000 LinkedIn followers.

  • Several international institutions have recognized Developing Ideas’ work with awards for its innovation, website, UNO magazine and two Certificates of Excellence, among others.

For these reasons, this unique pioneer initiative has made it possible for Developing Ideas to become a reference point for governments, media outlets, institutions, the academic world, opinion leaders and think tanks in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.