Our Growth

The growth strategy that began in 2015 took on a new dimension this year. In 2016, we launched our operations in New York and Havana, giving LLORENTE & CUENCA a strong presence in 13 countries.

LatAm Desk New York and LatAm Desk Madrid

This past March, LLORENTE & CUENCA signed a strategic alliance with Abernathy MacGregor, the leading financial communications agency in North America, which involved setting up a LatAm Desk at its New York office. This LatAm Desk serves as an extension of the firm’s operations in Miami and is made up of a skilled team of professionals. The aim is to combine the two consulting firms’ expertise to serve U.S. companies with an interest in Latin America, as well as any clients from Spain, Portugal and Latin America that require advice on the U.S. capital market.
This international expansion is why a LatAm Desk, led by Claudio Vallejo, has also been established in Madrid. This unit was created as a central operations coordination center for the firm’s services and business development efforts for Spanish (and European) companies in Latin America. It will also oversee institutional relationships between both sides of the Atlantic.

Cuba operations

In 2016, LLORENTE & CUENCA launched its Cuba operations and became the first international firm to provide consulting services for institutional relations associated with the process of implementing and developing foreign investments. This adds value to clients operating in this politically and socially complex environment with strong economic growth and business opportunities.
This initiative is led by Pau Solanilla, managing director of operations in Cuba, in collaboration with the Sociedad Estatal de Consultores Asociados (CONAS) and local support from the Bufete Cubano de Servicios Especializados (BES).

New affiliate: CLC Comunicación

To close out the year, LLORENTE & CUENCA added CLC Comunicación Communications and Public Affairs to its affiliate network, exclusively for Central America.

This partnership allows us to provide increasingly local and efficient services to clients with businesses in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize.

This agreement also strengthens the company’s affiliate model, defined as part of our inorganic growth plan. It also represents a firm step toward our expansion in Central America through knowledge exchange, giving us an even stronger regional presence.

CLC Comunicación has been in Central America since 2011. It is a renowned company with vast experience in the local market, where it provides consulting services to both public entities and first-rate private businesses.