New times, New Challenges

Anyone who does not set goals clearly runs the risk of not meeting them, but in addition, they won’t achieve success.

Our success is defined by our excellence with clients, which is only possible if we anticipate the changes expected to take place in coming years that will affect results for our clients, as well as our company.

We refuse to simply maintain our position, regardless of how good the current figures seem to be. 2016 has brought in 33.8 million euros in revenue in global fees, 12.5 percent more than the previous year and considering the differences in exchange rates.

Nevertheless, we should set a goal and provide the means to continue along our current path, fully aware that our future is now.

This past year we worked on a Strategic Plan for 2017-2019 that identifies the upcoming challenges we will face as a company, transforming them into specific action plans for the future.

We look beyond small hurdles, so we have identified 19 targets and 27 action plans with the goals of digital transformation, geographic expansion and maintaining our position as the leading communications and public relations consulting firm.

If these are the actions that define the future, others make it possible for a future to exist for everyone, such as this past June’s creation of the LLORENTE & CUENCA Foundation, which aims to improve our world through our firm’s communications knowledge and experience.

We are proud of having consolidated the social commitment our company has maintained for years in the markets where we operate to the level expected in this new era. We give the best of what we have to offer through the Foundation: our knowledge of communications and our support of employee volunteer efforts to expand the scope of our contributions and transform our commitment into a comprehensive focus throughout the organization.
2016 also marked the launch of our operations in New York and Havana. Since the inauguration of our first Latin American office in Peru in 1998, expanding our business throughout Latin America has been one of the key aspects for our company’s growth, consolidated this year with the start of our operations in Cuba.

This expansion is further strengthened by an agreement with Costa Rican communications consulting firm CLC Comunicación, which is now our exclusive affiliate in Central America. Overall, Latin American markets represent 65 percent of our total turnover.We would also like to welcome our new Partner, Luis Miguel Peña, who has worked at the firm since 2002 and who took on a new personal and professional challenge this year: leading our Peru operations.

In response to our geographic expansion and the growing number of professionals at the firm, we have created the General Talent, Organization and Innovation Management unit, a new division led by Partner Adolfo Corujo, who has been the Co-Managing Director for Spain and Portugal up to now.

However, our main focus will always be our clients, and this year we have continued developing new business solutions and ideas for them. These include the Economic Context specialization unit, led by Economist and former Minister Jordi Sevilla, which will help clients gain a better understanding of the events in their economic environment. Other programs worth highlighting include Parliamentary Active Listening, CIVES and the creation of Webseries, which are some of the solutions discussed in other parts of this report.

These client ideas and solutions, when integrated in a suitable and customized communications strategy, have earned us the recognition of national and international institutions. In 2016, we received 77 awards, bringing our total to 249 throughout our history.

These are also our best digital ambassadors in social media, where our corporate presence continues to grow. In fact, in 2016, we became the Spanish consulting firm with the most professional followers on LinkedIn, and we have also established a presence on Instagram. In the meantime, it is our duty to continue developing our employees’ professional digital profiles through initiatives such as Twitter Week.

Lastly, 2016 marked the five-year anniversary of our Thought Leadership Unit Developing Ideas, which has become a reference point for thinkers and influencers in Spain, Portugal and Latin America thanks to the unit’s hard work.

2016 was a year in which we strengthened our position as the leading reputation management, communications and public affairs consulting firm in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, and in which we begin to work toward refining our formula of entrepreneurship, internationalization and innovation to fit new scenarios as the key to our future success.