New Units and Solutions

We always continue to develop new specialization units and solutions aimed at addressing client needs since innovation is the third attribute of the company’s DNA, and 2016 was no exception.

Economic Context

We have launched the new Economic Context specialization unit to transform information into an asset for the company. This unit offers a range of new services to help clients gain a better understanding of what takes place in their economic contexts, anticipate what may happen and know how to respond in a rapidly-changing environment so they can make the best decisions for their business. This new specialization unit is headed by economist and former Economy and Finance Minister Jordi Sevilla, who works with a team of experts in economic intelligence and socio-economic analysis.

New Solutions


This program develops and manages professional profiles for our executives, employees and brand partners in press and social media. We began this program because content cannot go far without the support of a good digital community. [Digital Unit solution]

CommSite Platform

To compete for audience attention, corporate websites must be transformed into narrative platforms with dynamic content and constant updates that feed social media conversations. CommSite is a service that develops and organizes the editorial aspects of these digital content and online interaction platforms. [Digital Unit solution]

Viral Research

This consists of designing, producing and promoting a site based on data visualization to share studies or research that may be of interest to an entity’s audiences. The aim is to catch audience attention when the informative material still only consists of raw data. [Digital Unit solution]

Parliamentary Active Listening

Developed by LLORENTE & CUENCA’s Political Intelligence and Analysis Service, this is a single parliamentary monitoring system that anticipates parliamentary debates and proposals that will affect companies’ reputations and/or business results. Parliamentary Active Listening tracks all available information on parliamentary matters, including formal information (published) and informal information (social media or hallway conversations). As a result, firms shift from the crisis management focus of the past to current influences in both time and approach. [Public Affairs Unit solution]

Reputation Relevance

The solution LLORENTE & CUENCA developed to measure stakeholder attitudes about the company was consolidated in 2016 with new, multi-stakeholder projects carried out in the Latin American and Spanish markets. New applications of this tool, specifically of Reputation Relevance CSR and Talent Barometer, have also begun to be used. [Leadership and Corporate Positioning Unit solution]


This has been consolidated into the company’s intelligence tool for identifying the most important stakeholders in a region and classifying them according to their degree of relevance and feeling. [Leadership and Corporate Positioning Unit solution]


LLORENTE & CUENCA uses this tool to create corporate narratives. [Leadership and Corporate Positioning Unit solution]


A comprehensive program for emergency management, citizen protection and local community relations, CIVES’s aim is to protect a company’s reputation by avoiding and preventing rumors in the event of an incident. It promotes the creation of a citizen notification network in the industry and features an app for emergencies to improve self-protection for employees and nearby citizens, as well as a module for emergency services. [Crisis Unit solution]

Digital Platform for Crisis Management

This emergency management tool can be used to manage either operations or communications. Its responsive design is smartphone-friendly, and the tool allows an entity’s employees to send alerts to the relevant people, according to the level of seriousness. It assigns tasks to these individuals and sends them procedural documents. It also offers secure chatting and video conferencing services and features a crisis management and decision-making module, as well as an online conversation monitoring module. [Crisis Unit solution]

Transmedia PR Brand

This offers brand communication with a transmedia focus that includes audiovisual content, events and interactive community activities through social media to garner media and audience attention. [Consumer Engagement Unit solution]


This audiovisual storytelling product has an exclusive online focus and serial structure. A webseries offers direct engagement with audiences using short videos in which the brand shares peoples’ stories to share its values and messages. [Consumer Engagement Unit solution]

Immersive Content

Immersive content makes the most of the exponential importance of virtual and augmented reality, allowing users to immerse themselves in stories and brands instead of being passive participants in entertainment experiences. This, in turn, provides a chance to share stories in which consumers can truly feel like the main focus. [Consumer Engagement Unit solution]