Digital Community

LLORENTE & CUENCA is a digital community that continues to grow. These are our numbers:

Instagram Launch

2016 marked our arrival to Instagram. The goal of creating a profile on this platform was to show the more personal and human side of the company through images that reflect everyday life at LLORENTE & CUENCA, making it a collaborative space.
We have over 200 posts and are close to reaching 1,000 followers.

Twitter Week

We did it again this year: in the second edition of Twitter Week, we once again doubled the number of Tweets with the #TwitterLLYC hashtag set out in the initial challenge, and we had 9,536 mentions. We made over 40 million impressions and reached more than 5 million users.

There’s more: LLORENTE & CUENCA’s Twitter profile obtained 100 new followers, and some of the presentations that were broadcast at this digital event received more than 970 likes and 832 retweets.

Twitter Week consists of having all the company’s offices focus on using Twitter during a single week. This increases employee awareness of the power of social media and improves the firm’s digital identity, while expanding its social media circles and increasing engagement with external profiles.

LinkedIn Success Story

During the 2013 geographic expansion process, we set forth the challenge of becoming an industry reference on LinkedIn. By 2016, LLORENTE & CUENCA surpassed 45,000 followers and become the platform’s top Spanish consulting firm in terms of professional followers in the Spanish– and Portuguese-speaking worlds.

This is the result of a job well done by the company’s digital, human resources and corporate teams, whose knowledge made it possible to create the synergies that fostered sustained our growth and helped improve the firm’s positioning, recruit new talent and improve its employees’ networking capabilities, of which 95 percent have a LinkedIn profile.

The data speaks for itself: LLORENTE & CUENCA’s LinkedIn page has 300,000 views each month, and users interact with its posts more than 600 times each month. In addition, every job offer published to this platform receives over 500 applicants.

A summary of this successful project is available on our microsite.