Client-focused Business

We are proud of the relationships we build with clients and of the business results we help them achieve. Over the course of 2016, we have worked on over 300 projects that have brought more than 200 companies and institutions closer to the needs of their target audiences.

We transform projects into stories with characters who make the difference. Below is a small sample of the ones that stand out the most:

Colombia – Social Prosperity (Prosperidad Social)

Social Prosperity (SP) is a national entity of the Colombian government leading the fight against poverty, social inclusion and the nation’s reconciliation. With the goal of bringing the entity’s offerings closer to its beneficiaries, SP partnered with LLORENTE & CUENCA to develop its digital communications. The result was a series of actions, including the #100días500hechos campaign, that made it possible to physically and virtually travel through more than 260 municipalities in 32 of Colombia’s departments. The messages had a vast reach, viewed by over 62 million people. In addition, during the month of October, more than 22 percent of digital conversations on poverty were led by Social Prosperity through the #ColombiaSinPobreza movement.

ABDA – Land Reform Bondholders Association

In Peru, we worked with ABDA (Land Reform Bondholders Association of Peru) on the third part of the strategy we created to request fair and updated payment of the nation’s land debt. The aim of this operation was to put the payment of land bonds on the political agenda for the 2016 presidential election, which was a success: there were 546 mentions of land bonds during the campaign, 129 impacts in on– and offline media and the three political parties were forced to announce their position on the payment of land debt, including the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF). The online campaign reached over 5 million readers and had nearly 3 million impressions on Twitter and more than 100,000 on Facebook, along with a strong influential reach.

Antamina – From the Chill of Minerals to the Warmth of Miners on Instagram

The project for the Antamina mining company was an Instagram success story. The Peru office had two goals for Antamina’s new Instagram strategy: Generate valuable content and increase the brand’s engagement and positioning on this social media platform by sharing the company’s everyday life from a moving, personal perspective.
The data speaks for itself: We achieved over 7,000 percent growth in followers and a nearly 2,000 percent increase in interactions.

Panama Canal – The Largest Expansion Project of the 21st Century

Spanish construction company Sacyr led the GUPC consortium, which was responsible for the Panama Canal expansion. This client wanted us to design an effective communications strategy with two objectives: Showcase and highlight the expansion of the Panama Canal and strengthen the Spanish company’s brand as part of the project.
LLORENTE & CUENCA developed a number of materials and initiatives to accomplish these goals, including “The Expansion of the Panama Canal in 60 Seconds” video, “The Panama Canal in Numbers” viral research, the 360º video that provided a bird’s-eye view of the expansion and the “Stories of the Panama Canal” CommSite. In parallel, LL&C launched a communications strategy with media outlets and a relations plan with influencers, in addition to a sponsored messages campaign in social media and Google Adwords.
In the end, the content on the Panama Canal expansion was viewed by more than 3.5 million users, 1,743 news items were published and the video was viewed more than 115,000 times.

Campofrío – Deliciosa Calma

To promote its Pavofrío brand, Campofrío—one of the leading meat companies in Europe—launched the “Deliciosa Calma” (Delicious Calm) campaign, focused on women’s tensions and stress. The project is based on an advertising spot at a restaurant where all the dishes have peculiar names, such as “I won’t go to the gym because I don’t feel like it but I’ll go if I manage to eat the black truffle sauce,” for example.
LLORENTE & CUENCA was the agency responsible for developing a PR strategy to expand the campaign’s impact. The key activity to accomplish this was opening a Madrid branch of the restaurant that appears in the advertising spot. This made it possible to reach media outlets and carry out a series of activities with direct repercussions on consumers and in social media.
Thanks to this effort, the ongoing campaign has reached 159 national and international media outlets so far, for nearly 50 million people impacted and a ROI of close to 700,000 euros.

Govarri – Emotional Driving 2016

In 2015, Gonvarri Steel Services, the leading steel services company in Spain, began to develop Gonvarri Emotional Driving, a transmedia gamification initiative aimed at improving employee awareness of safer driving using emotional messaging to generate positive feelings.
The excellent results of this campaign have led Gonvarri to adopt Emotional Driving as its global communications strategy until 2018 and spread the message to society as a whole. To do so, the company designed a book, website and webseries narrating the story of four employees using a motivational account conveying the message. Emotional Driving is also expanding to other institutions, such as schools.

Telefónica – Play to Move

LLORENTE & CUENCA developed Play to Move, Telefónica’s first internal communications transmedia project—and the first to be carried out by a Spanish company—to transform the entity’s responsible business principles into something interesting and accessible for all its employees.
Play to Move is an online multiplayer “gamification” initiative that allows users to challenge each other and determine who knows more about Telefónica’s projects. This unique and interactive concept attracted more than 5,000 employees worldwide and has seen over 60,000 matches played, with more than 2,500,000 points earned.
After the first phase, the top 300 players participated in a casting for one of the three characters of the first Brand Film Documentary about Telefónica’s history, which will be released in the near future.


Following the crisis revolving around the tax fraud matter involving its executive team, Vitaldent was forced to implement an operation aimed at obtaining financing that would guarantee its long-term viability.
To accomplish this, LLORENTE & CUENCA put together a comprehensive communications strategy that included its Crisis, Corporate Finance and Organizations & People units, depending on the needs of each phase.
The process ended in success when the dental clinic group was acquired by JB Capital Markets.

The Cisneros Foundation – MOMA

The LLORENTE & CUENCA Colombia office coordinated the design and implementation of a strategy announcing the donation of 150 works from the modern art collection of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection to the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City. The strategy also focused on generating awareness for the creation of the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Research Institute for the Study of Art from Latin America, dedicated to the study and interpretation of modern and contemporary art from the region.
This involved several activities, including producing a webseries about the collection, resulting in 277 media impacts in 17 countries and 4 languages, including on the covers and in coveted spaces in the top media outlets of Spain, Latin America and New York. The campaign also resulted in 73,052,000 impressions through the #MoMACisneros hashtag, as an example of its social media impact.

Scotiabank – Pacific Alliance

This is one of the most important projects our Santiago, Chile office manages. Canadian bank Scotiabank’s subsidiary had to obtain a leading position in the local financial industry, so LLORENTE & CUENCA developed a communications and reputation campaign that has allowed Scotiabank to reach the top of Chile’s reputation rankings, as well as become the Business Group of the Pacific Alliance.

Coca-Cola FEMSA – 2016 Brazil Olympic Games

The 2016 Rio Games’ Olympic spirit came to our firm thanks to the work carried out by the Brazil office with Coca-Cola FEMSA, a sponsor of the Olympic torch’s journey through the country.
LLORENTE & CUENCA accompanied the torch throughout Brazil to Rio de Janeiro, sharing stories of achievement, perseverance and generosity—characteristics that define the Olympic spirit—of the inaugural torchbearers. These stories were used to create four audiovisual pieces that were played in parallel to the torch’s journey.
The results of this strategy surpassed the client’s expectations, reaching an estimated audience of 57 million people.

DHL Global Forwarding – Involving Latin America

DHL Global Forwarding needed to improve communications and engagement among its employees, particularly with its workers in Latin America. Up to this point, it had used an informative internal newsletter that was not well-received by American staff members for a variety of reasons. LLORENTE & CUENCA’s solution was based on creating the “Esta semana en las Américas” (This Week in the Americas) newsletter to channel the company’s information and convey it using content and stories relevant to and about the countries in the region, translated into Spanish and Portuguese.
The newsletter’s distribution was improved over the initial version so readers could view the stories with a single click, and a weekly competition was held with iPad prizes to encourage employees to read them. A This Week in the Americas video series has also been created for the weeks the newsletter is not distributed.

Fortinet – Focused on Cybersecurity

LLORENTE & CUENCA designed an awareness campaign for Fortinet to expand awareness of cybersecurity in Latin America, where most companies have yet to adopt the necessary technologies to manage risks in this environment.
The strategy consisted of inviting company executives from 12 countries in the region to a creative debate on cybersecurity with the goal of educating the business community on the importance of understanding the impact of cybersecurity, as well as positioning Fortnet and its executives as experts in the field. The awareness initiative is well underway and has been highly successful, doubling the number of mentions of cybersecurity in these countries since 2014.

AVON – Empowering Women

Since its founding 130 years ago, AVON has assumed the role of empowering women. “Belleza por un Propósito” (Beauty for a Purpose) are the words summarizing this initiative and have been LLORENTE & CUENCA’s framework for developing a launch strategy for AVON’s new positioning in Argentina. This will also generate visibility in media outlets and among opinion leaders, allowing the company to encourage debates and discussions on how to speed women’s empowerment and increase their role in businesses. “Círculo de Mujeres” (Women’s Circle) and the creation of the company’s first brand journalism site ( are two of the initiatives involved in this strategy; their messages have reached over 3 million people. Another item worth highlighting is the #QueOnda campaign for the AVON Foundation. This anti–gender violence initiative targets teens and young adults in Argentina to increase awareness and prevent abuse in relationships. The innovative communication strategies developed for the AVON Foundation’s Crusade against breast cancer—also by our Buenos Aires office—also stand out.

Caixabank – “Caixa Escena” Brand Film

Caixa Escena is an Obra Social “La Caixa” program aimed at promoting theater in the classroom. Caixabank also wanted to establish it as the reference program for fostering theater as an educational tool.
This was made possible partially due to LLORENTE & CUENCA’s production of the “Caixa Escena” Brand Film. This documentary tells the story of four teachers’ theater groups and their evolution over the course of one year thanks to the Caixa Escena program. This audiovisual project is ready to be distributed throughout the academic and theater community, as well as on television channels, as an educational documentary for all audiences.

Sanitas-Bupa – “Imbatibles” (Unbeatables)

Imbatibles de Sanitas” (Sanitas’ Unbeatables) is a communications campaign for the Bupa-Sanitas health insurance company. It aims to highlight the company’s support of the Spanish Olympic and Paralympic teams in a unique and innovative manner. Bupa-Sanitas decided to create a web series sharing the motivations, suffering, family support and behind-the-scenes lives of five athletes who overcame adversity to compete at the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio. This is how “Imbatibles” came to be. The series, which was viewed by approximately 2.5 million people, also included its own website and the #imbatibles hashtag.

#Sempena2016 – Movement in Portugal

“No pity” (the translation of “sempena”) is the name of the project LLORENTE & CUENCA’s Portugal office, in conjunction with advertising agency FCB, created to destroy myths surrounding the feeling of pity associated with many Portuguese Paralympic athletes due to their physical disabilities. In the context of the Rio Paralympic Games, the project challenged Portuguese residents to take a photo and post it on their social media profile using the #sempena2016 hashtag, then encourage their followers to do the same. They key was establishing the ambassadors—including athletes, politicians and celebrities—who made it possible for these posts to reach more than 7 million people in a country with 10 million residents.